Counter Section


To manage counter section, Navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Section: Counter



Counter Settings

To change the Counter settings to navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Section: Counter-> Counter Settings and fill out below settings.

  1. Hide Counter Section
  2. Enter Counter Title
  3. Enter Counter Subtitle
  4. Choose Section Title Color
  5. Choose Section Subtitle Color
  6. Choose counter Label color
  7. Choose counter Number Color



Counter Content

To add new item navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Section: Counter-> Counter Content and follow below steps:-

  1. Click on Add an item button.
  2. Enter your Title, Number, Before number, and Before number.
  3. Click on publish button to save it.



Section Background

To change Section background color and image, navigate to Appearance  ->  Customize  ->  Section: Counter ->  Section Background and fill out below information.

  1. Click on Select Color button to choose Background Color.
  2. Click on Select Image to change the Background image.